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I say, it IS a great tool, but like any tool, it can be used to build something or it can be used to tear something apart.

When used the wrong way, texting can tank what might [...] Continue Reading 2 comments Before you dedicate yourself to changing a guy, take a look at these guy types.

Nina Atwood, author and internationally known dating coach, will guide you step-by-step to fulfilling your dreams of a loving, lifetime soul mate relationship.

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One thing that Jim doesn’t have is a great relationship with a woman.

I know without having to think about it that my husband loves me and is there for me.

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NINAS NEWEST BOOK: Read Do you feel thwarted in love?

Recent research shows why: our brains don’t know the difference between the emotional pain of being rejected and actual physical pain. While he was still checking her out, she was falling deeply in love.

Finally, he couldn’t deny the reality: they weren’t on the same page, and it wasn’t going to change.


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