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Note, you do not have to worry that there is some side effects, the only side effect is that owners mind cracks. If the dog still who symptomns the it is either no allergy or the a very rare case of allergy to rice or chicken, practically not possible... After that diet above, and if there still are symptoms, you might concider trying a new allergy test at your vet. Do not get desperate, usually it is not about the allergy even if it looks like that. We assume that some of our dogs might be sensitive for the cow proteine and those are fed only with pig or chicken.A good example, there is a special but quite common allergy for cow proteins and the problem is that the dog gets those anywhere, even the chicken rice kibbles... The line between over sensitivity and allergy is very thin, if there is any. The dogs are fed practically only with fresh animal meat products, fat and other parts. For the moment the pup prices at our kennel is exactly 1,000 euro.

One of the most ECONOMICAL way is to take the ferry and car, thats most easy for the dog, you know if it would be difficult or not to bring one of your dogs into ***? My *** Tyson Loves his new bowling ball, But for some reason his licking and chewing has caused it to turn his lips blue and is leaving a trail of his now Blue slobber LOL I'm worried This is not normal and may be toxic.. Just ask your local bowling alley..item: high drive dog exercise, CONTROL and fun offering unlimited dog exercise under excellent dog control much safer and thus more fun than any other wheeled device- and a new urban mushing sport ! A friend of mine got some really bad surprice once with his two old bulldogs who had always been good together. Hi i want to buy a pitbull in the future, on the winter this year or the next summer how often do you have pups and the price for a pup and shipping to Sweden? If you are interested then you simply just have to buy one from us.

Some dogs have shown (cosmetic) skin problems but those have practically all been diagnosed as demodecosis (juvenile) . If so, then it might be something totally else than allergy. That excludes the shippment which is usually in Europe around 0 to 200 euros, USA 100 to 400 euro, other parts of the world around 200 to 900 euro.

Finally, you did not tell how your dogs allergy is appearing. Of course, come and visit our kennel and we will talk more. To be honest, it is not about the money, why we are breeding dogs. Fly here, one day here, peek the yard with 50 bona fide game dogs, do some dog talk and fly back.

About one hundred request came, big thank you for all. We did a lottery if there were more request for certain size than we had shirts. I have just lost my lucy (12), a pup produced of your family.. I love APBT and dont want anything else, they are the most loving dogs i have ever met!! I have recently mailed you and asked for membership, but no answer yet :(within the foreseeable future i want to cargo a Dunkel adult male sporting bulldog to the ***. In your country are many very good dogs from our kennel. Othervise the biggest issue is to get a really good dog if you are planning for some breeding.

Nowadays i do not see any adults for sale, i would like to know if i could still contact you to go threu my options of buying a adult male as fast as possible. Also if everything goes smoothly i would like to buy some more sporting dogs. You know, this breed, these dogs - especially good GAMEDOGS - are the best. The most stupid thing is to import with big effort and money for breeding purposes a dog that is shit. Adult prices are usually from 2,000 up and much more up depending on the case. The price depends on the date, airline, route, date, crate size and weight and much more. I havent seen any colored slobber so far :) I do not think they use any toxic materials in bowling balls but who knows.


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