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It seems like the husband has know about this obligation his whole life so he really should have let her in so they could have compromised before the situation arose.

Reply Emily – I totally agree that such things should be discussed before marriage.But I also think it’s unfair to pull the rug out from under these parents in their twilight years when part of their retirement plan has always been for their son to help support them.No one wants to see the people who cared for them destitute.In other words, taking care of elders comes first, as payback for all they have done to raise you over the years.His wife, on the other hand, does not pay her parents anything. She feels that they don’t truly need the money, as they live in a home that’s seemingly paid for.It frustrates me that he is enabling them to rely on him when they can already support themselves. Reply Thankfully my parents are financially sound and I positive they would never feel entitled to my money.


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